Coffee Bean Tips

Here are some of the best coffee bean tips on how to make the best cup of coffee around.

Coffee Bean Tip of the Week:

Try a different type of Coffee Bean. We often get sensitized to one type of coffee by switching to a different variety of Coffee Bean.

Grinding Coffee Beans

Great coffee depends on personal taste. To create 2oz of Espresso grind for 20-25 second, stopping momentarily every 5-8 seconds. To grind 2oz of other gourmet coffees to produce filter ground coffee grind for between 7-9 seconds, stopping every 3 seconds and to grind for French Press grind for 6-7 seconds, stopping every 3 seconds.

Making Froth

In our experience, perfect froth requires several components. · Firstly, a powerful pump driven espresso machine is best, however, you can still produce good froth with non-pump espresso machines · Low fat milk is best, the lower the fat content the better the frothing, we suggest skim or low fat milk. · A stainless steel pitcher is best and finally, while steaming the steaming wand (conventional method) should be just touching the surface at all times, lower the pitcher to accommodate. Let milk sit for 1 minute before scooping out.

What's the difference between regular and espresso coffee beans?

In most cases it is the roast. Regular coffees are roasted to light medium or dark roasts. Espresso is roasted to an espresso roast. This roasting achieves a very dark chicory roast that with the right equipment creates an excellent shot of espresso, latte's, cappuccino's and mocha's.

Storing Coffee/Coffee Beans

Here is one of my favorite Coffee Bean Tips, that can make the biggest difference in your coffee:

· Air is the biggest damaging factor to coffee.

· Store your beans in an airtight container, preferably in zip lock bags in a cool dry place.

We suggest a gallon bag zip lock bag for bulk storage and a smaller sandwich bag for your immediate use. This can then be kept in your countertop canister. Contrary to popular believe, the freezer and the fridge are not the best place to store your coffee beans. Coffee absorbs moisture from other odors so regardless of where you prefer to store your beans just ensure it is in zip lock bags.

Brewing Tips

For a really delicious cup of coffee, follow these tips:

  • Always ensure your coffee maker is clean.
  • Use fresh filtered water to brew the coffee.
  • Rinse the coffee pot well before you start.
  • Use the correct size filter paper.
  • Use fresh coffee, possibly a one-cup portion.

After opening a packet, keep the coffee in a tightly-sealed container.

  • Buy the correct coffee bean grinder for your machine.
  • Use the same amount of coffee each time, in order to gain as consistent a flavour as possible.
  • Make sure the coffee is evenly distributed within the filter bag.
  • The best coffee is brewed at around 96° C.

Hope you find these Coffee Bean tips usefull, if you have anymore tips to add please contact us.