Flavored Coffee

We also offer all Flavored Coffee in decaf.  All coffees are 16.00.

You can download a PDF version of Gloria's Gourmet Coffee Price List here.

Banana Nut    
Bavarian Dutch Chocolate      
Belgian Chocolate Truffle      
Butter Pecan *      
Butterscotch Toffee      
Coconut Crème   
English Toffee 
French Carmel And Cream      
French Vanilla
German Chocolate Mint      
Hazelnut Crème    
Macadamia Nut And Cream *      
Mexican Liqueur And Cream (Kahlua)     
Spiced Butter Rum 
Swiss Chocolate Almond (Real Almonds Added) *      
Toasted Almond (Real Almonds Added) *      
Vanilla Nut * 

*ALLERGY ALERT: these flavors will contain nuts. Several varieties of Gloria's Gourmet Coffee contain nuts, and trace nut products.