Gloria's Gourmet Coffee Single Blend Coffees

Here is a list of Gloria's Gourmet Coffee Single Blend Coffees.

Unless specified, single blend coffee will be shipped in whole fresh coffee bean form. All coffees are $16.00.  Enquire on your order about fresh ground.

You can download a PDF version of Gloria's Gourmet Coffee Price List here.


Brazil Santos - Medium RoastLow acidity with a good body and very clean to the palate.

Columbia Supremo - Medium RoastFull-bodied and medium acidity. Rich in flavour and roasted in a smooth even colour.


Mexican Altura - Medium RoastA smooth round cup with a very unique taste.
Honduras Marcala - Clean with a good flavour.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Dark RoastSoft, delicate winey mocha flavour. Very low natural caffeine content.
Kenya 'AA' - Dark RoastThe finest of the African coffees, high acidity and average body like the dryness of some wines.It has a very distinctive aroma with a dry, winey aftertaste.


French Roast - Dark RoastDark roasted coffee with a little something extra. Full Bodied with low acidity.

House Blend - Medium RoastSmooth clean taste, medium body, and a fine finish. Coffee taken to a Full City Roast is a deep brown and fully developed.

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