1. Can I order custom packages?

YES! Gloria's Gourmet Coffee is available in individual packaging, as well as pre created gift baskets. If you want we can also custom create a gift basket to your specific needs.

2. Can I order coffee as whole bean or preground?

YES! We are able to grind Single Blend coffee only at this time our Flavoured coffe only comes in whole bean form only. Also we sell Coffee grinders.

3. Can I order coffee through Gloria's Gourmet Coffee even if I live in another province?

YES! We have shipped coffee to many remote and out of province locations in the past. Call us and we will assist you in arranging the best shipping methods for you.

4. Can I order Gloria's Gourmet Coffee from outside of Canada?

Call us to verify if we are able to transport to your country. Currently there are restrictions for American customers.